The Sound Capital Platinum Income Fund is a short duration, non-leveraged investment providing a fixed rate of return higher than any bond with similar liquidity or risk.

Our mission is to provide an investment opportunity for accredited investors attempting to achieve a safe, reliable, transparent income stream without the volatility of the stock or bond markets. We believe that this fund meets the need for a dependable, fixed, low risk to capital investment that is non-correlated to either the traditional fixed income or equity space.

Four Reasons To Invest

NON-LEVERAGED DEBT: Sound Capital’s Platinum Income Fund is a non-leveraged debt fund. Each of its investments take
a first lien position, backed by a real property asset with no senior encumbrances. In contrast, the large majority of real estate
funds, including REITs, are leveraged equity funds.

EXCEPTIONAL CLIENTS: One of the main reasons Sound Capital’s Platinum Income Fund stands head and shoulders
above other debt funds, in our opinion, is our client base; it is the key differentiator. In addition to meeting or exceeding industry
underwriting standards, our requirement is that a borrower must have completed 50 prior transactions before qualifying for a loan
from the fund. This is the foundation of Sound Capital’s success and provides the fund its unique safety factor.

TRANSPARENCY: A major investor concern with all investments, including real estate funds, is fraud and lack of transparency as to underlying investments. We have developed a custom built, state of the art, 24/7 portal to provide best in class transparency. Our investors have the ability to seamlessly track each project and may personally verify (by public record) and confirm that each cent
is accounted for at all times. Our goal is to constantly provide our investors confidence and peace of mind that their money is safely at work for them.

RESERVE ACCOUNT: We are so committed to the quality of our borrowers and loans that the fund will capitalize a reserve
account, up to $1,000,000, to make principal and interest payments to the Note Holders if, for any reason, the fund is unable to
make sufficient or timely payments.

If you are looking for a safe, dependable resource for capital preservation that also provides an excellent income stream relative to risk, we think we are the investment for you. With Sound Capital’s stellar default record over the past five years of well over 1100 successfully serviced loans without a single failed loan, we feel that you would be hard pressed to find a safer venue in which to expose your portfolio to the real estate space.

Disclaimer: Your loan to Sound Capital Platinum Income Fund, LLC (the “Fund”) is not guaranteed. The collateral and the reserve may not be sufficient to ensure principal and interest payments. The information set forth herein does not purport to be complete and must be read in conjunction with the Fund’s private placement memorandum and its operating agreement. Past returns are not a guarantee of future results.