Dave Huey

David is a life-long entrepreneur. Over the past 25 years David has started, grown and sold multiple companies. These include a software company, a real estate brokerage, and a title company. Currently David owns and operates a fast-growing new homebuilder financial services company with aspirations of building a multi-generational legacy company.

David started his first company while still in high school. After earning a computer engineering degree, he began his post-graduate career at Accenture (formerly Andersen Consulting). In 1994, David co-founded Soar Solutions, Inc. At Soar David built ground-breaking technology that changed the real estate brokerage industry. Soar’s innovations remain a core element of servicing real estate consumers to this day. Soar merged with MarketLeader (NASDAQ: SOLD) in 2003. At MarketLeader, David launched JustListed.com., which was the primary driver of MarketLeader’s revenue growth from $24 Million to a $115 Million run rate in under 18 months prompting a $110 Million IPO in December 2004 and a $1 billion market cap in late 2005.

After the IPO, David began seeking a better capital preservation vehicle for his personal investments than the stock and bond markets. In the years leading up to the Real Estate Bubble, David felt the breadth and depth of the impact was sorely underestimated. David felt that professional residential real estate investors were an underserved financial services niche about to experience tremendous growth, and that if structured properly could provide him with an opportunity to generate excellent income without the risk, volatility or exposure of equities. He formed Sound Equity, the parent company to Sound Capital Loans, which today services a multi-hundred million dollar loan portfolio and provides tens of millions of dollars per month in senior debt financing across multiple investment funds to top-tier builders and real estate investors across the Unites States.

As a testament to the primary mission of capital preservation, Sound Equity’s funds have thrived in good times and bad and to date have not had a penny of principal loss since 2012.

David loves adventure and is an avid mountain biker, snowboarder and wakesurfer. David lives on Lake Sammamish with his beautiful bride of 27 years and his 3 teenage sons – Jack a sophomore at TCU; Ethan a senior at Seattle Prep and Aden a freshman at Eastside Catholic.